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Take Back Your Sexy Strategy Session + 7-Day Life Health Balance Protocol

Here's what you get: 

  • Total Value: $846
  • ​1 hour 1:1 Personalized Consultation - Uncover the blind spots that are the key challenges to why you're exhausted, gaining weight/unable to drop excess weight, bloated, constipated/diarrhea, sleep issues, and more.                         
  • ​Detailed Health History Review       
  • ​Lifestyle + Nutrition Review                                     
  • ​Root Cause Analysis                                                  
  • ​Lab Review (if done within past 3 months)             
  • ​Leb Recommendations (if needed)                                   
  • ​Review Expectations for improvement                    
  • ​Customized action plan on How to Take Back Your Sexy              
Take Back Your Sexy Strategy Session Investment
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